Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hi all people!
After a long time I'm back again.
One year ago me and a friend of mine started a new project I never tryed before, but a fascinating one!
We decided to play a Peninsular campaign and I will lead the Anglo-Portuguese side.
Actually my two infantry brigades and cavarly support aro going on, slowly but steady, so I started creating the terrain and buidings to use with.
This is still a work in progress, with a lot of bits to do, but hopefully i think they will be ready for next spring, if all goes on the right way.
I mostly used light cardboard and plastic foils, adeguately reinforced, for walls, doors and windows.
Roofs are in resin, but I have now started to use "papier maché" to create them, it is extremely light, easy to cut and  sufficiently hard for that use.
Walls of buildings are covered with white artistic plaster to give them the stucco finish, doors and windows are made with wood stripes glued on cardboard.
Actually they are only basically painted, I will start to give them life once all buildings are realized.
I have one more big house to do, a ruined church (quite done) and a small chapel that need only to be roofed (no pics at the moment).

This is the only building not entirely self-made, originally a north italian country house from Italeri (actually sadly out of production).
I covered entirely the walls with plaster and also heighted it with plasticard, put on the roof a new chimney more suitable for a spanish house.

A barn/store-house, a smaller store and a stable.

Two single store country houses (they can be paired or kept separately).

This is a possible layout for a small village or "hacienda" farm, I still have to decide how to use them.
Hope you enjoy my efforts.
Sincerely, Silvius.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Heavy Gear "Big Brothers"

Here again! I had some troubles with my internet connection the last 10 days, so I got time to keep some shots of other heavy gear stuff.
Big ones too!
They come all from Japan, some from Kotobukiya, some from Square Enix (the smaller ones).
All are out of production pieces from two main video games : Front Mission 3 and 4 and the Armored Core series.
I' ve put some figures from AT-43 for comparison as these are non scale Mechs. But I think they can be used successfully with 28 mm and the smaller ones with 15 mm too.
I bought the big ones several years ago after I played Front Mission 3 on Playstation 2.
I liked so much these mechs (called Wanzers in the game, i.e. wandering panzers) that when discovered they were sold by Kotobukiya, a Japanese company, I had to owe one, or two, or more!
Here are the first two, same model with different colors, named Grilex or Grille Sechs on the game (actually the ones I prefer).

Second is the Meredin M1 type, with a blue/sand color and third ... sorry, I don't remember the name, with green camo look.

The next two are smaller so I added a third picture with a big one and a 28 mm figure so you can compare them and see the difference (btw the two are the same type of wanzer, the smaller one an updated version of Grilex from Front Mission 4).
First is the Zenith Rev, the wanzer of the hero from Front Mission 3, the second is the updated Grilex, from FM 4.

The last one is from Armored Core game (sorry no name here), the weapon is not one of their, I unfortunately lost them, but it has a look i really like in this pose.

And finally a "family" picture :  the "big brothers" toghether, with their interchangeable gear.
See you soon!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Back from the future?

About two years ago I was asked to create a desertic futuristic terrain, to play with 28 mmm figs.
After a lot of hard work I finally realized the boards to compose it as a modular one : 3 60x60 cm, 3 60x30 cm and 2 30x30 cm.
I also made some buildings, plants, small rock piles and found suitable authentic rocks, with an "alien" feel, i think.
But in the end, apart the buildings, all remained to me, unused.
Quite at the same time I found, trough the web, some interesting mechs, nominally indicated as 1/100 scale, so useful for any rule you use, as full heigh mech or robotic support.
More about them later, just an insight ... Front Mission 3 and 4 from Square Enix for Playstation, anyone knows?
Some shots about the desertic terrain, miniatures are from AT-43 and Heavy Gear (thanks to Matt of the Closet Gamer for his splendid job), here to show the true dimensions of the terrain.

The terrain boards are in thick plywood (2 cm) to prevent warping, covered of glued cork foils added with sand to cover the areas where cork don't join.
The only negative effect is weight ! Next time I will use blue foam, the insulating one, strong, light and not so expensive.
Plants are mainly plastic ones, from a garden center, but I used also natural ones, dryed and paint (the bottle like ones) also based with cork. Stone piles the same.
Two boxes of ready terrain pieces (2 more not shown) and some more material for the next ones!

As said before, who knows these wonderful pieces of technology ?
There are a lot more of these two, 12 different ones in total, but ... this is the bad new, they are actually absolutely out of production.
As always stuff fron Japan is produced in a fixed amount, when sold out you have to wait for a new batch of production, naturally if they decide to do it!
Next time I  will show more of them, stay on alert!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Medieval village - part 2

Here are another few pieces going with the buildings already seen.
Obviously where human beings are, food must also be. And you need somewhere to keep it, also!
So i realized these few wattle and daub fences for cattle, sheeps and all other animal you can't stay without.

Figures from Perry WotR are for comparison, as i'm starting a late medieval army (more about in the future). A picture with all the fences togheter, and a last addition, a pig sty, the round wood pallisade.

More buildings coming soon i hope: another small house, one or two barns and eventually animal shelters.
Cheers, Silvio.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Medieval village - part 1

I must confess you, I like play games, i like to mount, convert and prepare miniatures and vehicles.
But, sorry, I don't like paint them!
But ...
As a first born modeller i like making my pieces of terrain, tryng to achieve the right feel of the period.
A few days ago, i retrieved some pieces never finished.


So, after a few hours of good work, here is how i completed them.
I'm pleased with the result acquired, altough my not so good pictures may not reflect their real status.
Please feel free to drop a comment.
More stuff on the following part.

And now two pictures of my new work in progress.
Feel good.