Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hi all people!
After a long time I'm back again.
One year ago me and a friend of mine started a new project I never tryed before, but a fascinating one!
We decided to play a Peninsular campaign and I will lead the Anglo-Portuguese side.
Actually my two infantry brigades and cavarly support aro going on, slowly but steady, so I started creating the terrain and buidings to use with.
This is still a work in progress, with a lot of bits to do, but hopefully i think they will be ready for next spring, if all goes on the right way.
I mostly used light cardboard and plastic foils, adeguately reinforced, for walls, doors and windows.
Roofs are in resin, but I have now started to use "papier maché" to create them, it is extremely light, easy to cut and  sufficiently hard for that use.
Walls of buildings are covered with white artistic plaster to give them the stucco finish, doors and windows are made with wood stripes glued on cardboard.
Actually they are only basically painted, I will start to give them life once all buildings are realized.
I have one more big house to do, a ruined church (quite done) and a small chapel that need only to be roofed (no pics at the moment).

This is the only building not entirely self-made, originally a north italian country house from Italeri (actually sadly out of production).
I covered entirely the walls with plaster and also heighted it with plasticard, put on the roof a new chimney more suitable for a spanish house.

A barn/store-house, a smaller store and a stable.

Two single store country houses (they can be paired or kept separately).

This is a possible layout for a small village or "hacienda" farm, I still have to decide how to use them.
Hope you enjoy my efforts.
Sincerely, Silvius.