Sunday, June 17, 2012

Back from the future?

About two years ago I was asked to create a desertic futuristic terrain, to play with 28 mmm figs.
After a lot of hard work I finally realized the boards to compose it as a modular one : 3 60x60 cm, 3 60x30 cm and 2 30x30 cm.
I also made some buildings, plants, small rock piles and found suitable authentic rocks, with an "alien" feel, i think.
But in the end, apart the buildings, all remained to me, unused.
Quite at the same time I found, trough the web, some interesting mechs, nominally indicated as 1/100 scale, so useful for any rule you use, as full heigh mech or robotic support.
More about them later, just an insight ... Front Mission 3 and 4 from Square Enix for Playstation, anyone knows?
Some shots about the desertic terrain, miniatures are from AT-43 and Heavy Gear (thanks to Matt of the Closet Gamer for his splendid job), here to show the true dimensions of the terrain.

The terrain boards are in thick plywood (2 cm) to prevent warping, covered of glued cork foils added with sand to cover the areas where cork don't join.
The only negative effect is weight ! Next time I will use blue foam, the insulating one, strong, light and not so expensive.
Plants are mainly plastic ones, from a garden center, but I used also natural ones, dryed and paint (the bottle like ones) also based with cork. Stone piles the same.
Two boxes of ready terrain pieces (2 more not shown) and some more material for the next ones!

As said before, who knows these wonderful pieces of technology ?
There are a lot more of these two, 12 different ones in total, but ... this is the bad new, they are actually absolutely out of production.
As always stuff fron Japan is produced in a fixed amount, when sold out you have to wait for a new batch of production, naturally if they decide to do it!
Next time I  will show more of them, stay on alert!